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Brooklyn, New York


Rehab of an existing 7 story building and addition of 7 new floors: office space for the not-for-profit seller of the site, ground floor retail space and 129 residential condominium units above.

Sited in the now vibrant Brooklyn Downtown neighborhood and a few blocks from the Brooklyn Cultural District and Barclay Center, this project comprises renovation an existing circa 1926, 7 story building that is occupied by its not-for-profit owner/seller and the addition of 7 new floors. The existing building is in need of significant repair and modernization, and the not-for-profit social services owner will be provided with modern, institutional quality offices in its own condo unit in the Cellar and on the First and Second Floors.  There will be approximately 1,600 SF total of retail space on the Ground Floor and in the Cellar, and 129 condo apartments on Floors 3-14.  Amenities for residents will include a roof level lounge and laundry room adjacent to a roof terrace. 

2014-12-16_285 Sch_Rendering FINAL_edited.jpg
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