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90 William Street, Manhattan, New York


Completed in 2008: Residential condo conversion of a 170,000 SF underutilized office building, 114 apartments and ground floor/cellar retail.


be@william was the third in a series of “be@” properties targeted to youthful purchasers looking for a unique residential experience. In a departure from prior “be@” properties, which were new construction, be@william was the conversion of an existing 16-story office building into  loft style residences, with custom millwork derived from the Richard Meier On Prospect Park development.


In a further departure from earlier “be@” properties, the amenity spaces, including a fitness center, lounge and laundry room, are located at the penthouse level. This provides outdoor access and spectacular views to residents in this now highly sought-after residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan.

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